There are a lot of things we like and admire in other people – their intelligence, their creativity, their kindness. We want to be like them, and in order to do so, it seems we have to worship them.
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Arguments for Worship?

There are many reasons to worship. People worship for many different reasons, such as feeling grateful, seeking comfort, seeking strength, or simply because it is the custom in their culture. However, there are also some good reasons to worship.
One reason to worship is to become a good human being. Worship can help us learn about ourselves and how we should behave. It can help us develop empathy for others and bring us closer to God. We can also learn about the basic truths of life and the universe through prayer and scripture study. By worshipping God regularly, we can become more moral and ethical people who make positive contributions to society.

Arguments Against Worship?

There are many arguments against worship. Some of the main arguments against worship are as follows:
1) Worship stunts human growth and development.
2) Worship is a form of dependency.
3) Worship makes people passive and ignorant.
4) Worship can lead to complacency and apathy.
5) Worship can be insincere and self-centred.
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